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.. NON!

yep sonic falls through the clouds sometimes. and this game is slow paced

make it more fast paced since after all sonic, is known for speed. :O


very nice indeed,

"bugs oh my oh my"

- when you buy more then one of the ammo for the flame gun, it doesn't work and waste's all your mooonay.

- Also its way too easy to get money

- And the first boss, jumping and swinging is kinda lame. i would rather hit him dead on then jumping.

Few Bug's?

alot of bug's, i love the shooting backwards the most, or falling thru the ground.

I'm Amazed

that was fantastic, even thou, some weapons were still unfair. :O

Well now,

it say's i got every medal, yet i received not even one. i beat the boss in 20sec's, what you do is get the multiple turret's, then select the hold arrow instead of click and drag, then do the combo piercing and homing then click as fast as you can the opposite direction of the boss, wah-la 20secs death..

hey can u help me ???

on rpg theres the item pick up and slots how do you do that ?
like this or somethin
currentslotnum = 1;stop ();function addToslot (item) { if (!item.found) { item._x = eval("itemSlot1"+currentslotnum)._x; item._y = eval("itemSlot1"+currentslotnum)._y; item.found = true; currentslotnum++; }}
trying to learn on flash scripts help but its no good

i liked a lot

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i like it very much fun fun!

SD-Syndicate responds:

Hey thanks alot 24kgold, If I see any of your flashes Ill repay the favour ;)

wheres that last secret

i found it once and i cant find it agin its the one to ?marks in the box


too bad to care right now!

Dear god, This site is old as shit.

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